Raspberry Pi 3 as a cryptocurrency miner. Cryptonight-lite. Mining altcoins

I have been asked for an English version of my previous post about my Raspberry Pi 3 serving as a cryptocurrency miner. Everybody looking for keywords such as RPi3 or cpu-mining in Google knows what Raspberry is. I bought this great microcomputer some time ago and since that time I have not really used it, apart from a few experiments.

But recently I’ve thought about it as a test miner. Why not, it is small and quitet and not power-hungry. Of course, profitability of mining in RPi3 is symbolic, so let say it’s an experiment for my fun only,

I started with cpuminer installed on Raspbian. With mining only on 2 cores I used to get temp. alerts. I used a passive radiator with coins inserted into it. It helped, but mining the Cryptonight-lite coin, namely AEON, I had only 12 H/s.

I finally added some metal sheets and screw beds for chairs and windows bought in a DIY shop nearby. You can see them in the picture. I fixed them to the radiator. Finally I received 23 H/s thanks to using all 4 cores as well as a temp. drop of 10 degrees C. comparing to the previous 2-core 80 degrees C.

It works nice for me 😉 I always have good fun with Linux and RPi3.

Have a nice weekend!